How to save a life.

I was listening to a certain song today and I thought of you. I didn’t think it would make me as sad as it did, but I couldn’t help the tears from welling up. Fuck. I miss you so much dude. You really knew how to save a life, I just wish I could of saved yours.

Until we meet again. 😇💔


Cristina Blackwater
  • me: where do you live?
  • vegan: I'm a vegan

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Quick & Dirty 5-Ingredient Vegan Cheeze Sauce / Recipe 
*I just made this, without the Dijon mustard and added lemon pepper…was so good tho *^* and easy


If you haven’t seen Emma Watson’s beautifully eloquent speech yet, definitely take the time for it.

If you are a man who stands for women’s rights, please join the other 125,000 men who are standing beside the #HeForShe campaign.